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Evidence has been established which indicates that parrots are highly social and sentient beings, fully aware of their surroundings.  Despite this, thousands of wild parrots are captured and taken from their flocks and natural habitat for the international pet trade every year.  It is estimated that up to 50% of them die before they are even exported.  Additionally, captive parrots may be abused or mistreated, often unintentionally, and many are abandoned by owners each year who do not understand the requirements of parrot stewardship.  The mission of The Alex Foundation is to improve the lives of parrots in captivity and preserve those in the wild.

    The Foundation helps provide funding for Dr. Irene Pepperberg's work with African Grey's - Alex, Griffin, and Arthur (aka ''Wart'').  Dr. Pepperberg has developed training techniques that enable Grey parrots not only to produce, but also comprehend and use English speech appropriately. She has also shown that these birds can perform as well as chimpanzees and dolphins on many tasks used to evaluate intelligent behavior. The hope is that demonstrating that parrots are sentient beings will encourage responsible pet ownership, conservation efforts and veterinary research into psittacine diseases.

    Contributions to the Foundation are used to pay for veterinary bills, supplies for the birds and the research (food, vitamins, laboratory equipment), for assistance in training and testing the parrots and for supplies needed to document the research (e.g., video and audiotapes). No federal funding is possible because Dr. Pepperberg no longer has a full academic appointment. With support of the Foundation, research can proceed effectively and at the lowest possible cost.

    You can make a difference---please help us help the parrots through support of research which demonstrates the level of awareness and understanding of these magnificent beings.

    You can be permanently associated with the mission of The Alex Foundation through a gift. All contributions are tax deductible and will be acknowledged promptly.
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The Alex Foundation is a not-for-profit 501(c) (3) organization.
Tax information available on request.

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The Alex Foundation is a non-profit 501.c (3) organization. Tax information is available upon request.



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